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  • April 13 - New Updates Made to Website

    If you've browsed through the Housen Homecare website lately, you'll see that the site has become much more user-friendly.  Text have been adjusted for easy reading, images incorporated for ease in viewing, and a new and improved easy-on-the-eyes header.  Most recently, a live chat link has been added for our customers and clients seeking answers to questions from a key representative of the organization. What to look for next?  An Employee Portal page that with give our staff a quick entry to the sites that matter to them most.

    Thanks to Housen's Marketing Intern, Ms. Marissa Edmund for the updates and improvements.  Keep up the great work Marissa!

    We hope you'll come back again and again to visit us and view the changes and updates being made, or just catch-up on home care industry insights through this regularly updated Blog Page.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Yvette R. Housen, Administrator