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"From the first day, I could tell that Catherine was going to be a wonderful addition to our family.  She immediately went right to work, straightening papers on a table as I first spoke to her.  From that moment on, she worked non-stop until it was time for her to leave.  She gives me a nice break...  My husband loves to have her here."



- Montgomery County

"[I'm] crazy about my caregriver. She works hard while taking care of my husband and assiting with housework. She is tremendous!"





- Ariel O.

"Prior to you coming to work for me last year, I had four employees that let me down. I appreciate the fact that [she is] a full time student and can still give 100% to [her] part time job. Thank you for your excellent work and going above and beyond the call of duty. I'm proud of you and I hope that Housen Homecare realizes you are a great asset!"



- Overton G.

"I am very pleased with my caregivers service. She's helpful and keeps me on track reminding me to take my medication. She is a people person, always putting a smile on my face on a bad day."




-   Mary R.

"Great service! Florence is very satisfactory."





- Larry L.

'"Outstanding! Outstanding! After my first aid, Mary who was excellent, went back to school, I got Wilma. Wilma is a jewel. They are both jewels!"







- Overton G.

At Housen Homecare we go to great lengths insuring your loved ones are cared for by the best caregivers that are out there. We ensure that our caregivers are professional and compassionate, going above and beyond to provide your loved ones with the absolute best care. Below are messages from a few of our satisfied clients.