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As a healthcare provider, social/case worker or hospital/clinic administrator, your chief concern is making sure that your patients receive quality care after they leave your facility.  Housen Homecare shares your concern.  That is why we have worked hard to ensure that our services provide holistic support for patient recovery, rehabilitation, non-medical support, or at-home hospice care.

To do this, we have gone to great lengths to build our body of knowledge in how to work effectively with private and government-sponsored healthcare and social services programs.

Having this experience and knowledge base enables us to effectively:

    •    Collaborate with healthcare providers and social/case workers to provide families with a seamless homecare delivery process;

    •    Consult with family caregivers and healthcare providers to develop an appropriate plan of care that takes into account the patient’s medical condition, recovery and rehabilitation goals, medication plan, home environment, family resources, etc.;

    •    Help patients/family caregivers maneuver the application/qualifying process to obtain private or government-sponsored benefits;

    •    Provide accurate and timely reports to family caregivers, social/case workers and healthcare providers; and

    •    Manage the administrative aspects of providing homecare services (i.e. scheduling, payroll, tax filings, etc.).


Key factors contribute to our ability to  deliver this level of support.  Specifically, we’ve:

    •    Gained an abundance of knowledge and expertise in our 25-year history as a healthcare service provider in Maryland;

    •    Built a solid corporate infrastructure that has enabled us to develop a turn-key internal operation supported by formalized processes and procedures;

    •    Established strong working relationships with public and provide healthcare officials and administrators throughout the region;

    •    Hired and retained seasoned, licensed and certified homecare professionals and paraprofessionals to support families.


If you are a healthcare provider, social/case workers or hospital administrator seeking a credible homecare partner with a strong track record, contact Housen Homecare to discuss how we can help support your patient.

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