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Elderly Care

Veteran Care

Adults with Disabilities

Special Needs Children

Having longevity in life is wonderful for both the elderly and the people who love them. Being able to share the latter years of ones life surrounded by family and friends enhances the quality of life for aging individuals, and has been proven to help them maintain a healthier and positive outlook on life.

Returning from active duty can be an incredibly difficult transition, and it’s even more difficult for those who have suffered a serious or life changing injury. Moreover, navigating the bureaucracy of government waiver programs can be overwhelming for veterans. Housen Homecare is familiar with these challenges, and we can assist veterans in applying for the government that they have earned.
Research shows that disabled adults maintain a better quality of life when they’re allowed to receive care at home, regardless of their condition. Although caring for a disabled family member can be overwhelming, Housen Homecare can take away some of the burden that family caregivers experience. 
Having a child with special needs can be as challenging as it is rewarding. As parents of a special needs child, you devote your life to providing a good quality of life for your child. For a quarter of a century, Housen Homecare has worked alongside family caregivers to provide exemplary care to special needs children.
In so doing, we create customized homecare plans designed to relieve some of the burden shouldered by you and your extended family.